Roberto Juárez



A flat-pack home decor inspired in the Cartesian coordinate system for a three-dimensional space. I took the 3 axis (X, Y and Z) to do a home decor object that place a point in the space. The product comes in two identical pieces that you just assemble. This way, you can combine them and get a more custom objet according to your home style.

Medio Limón



We are Karla Bonilla and Gabriela Rubio,
a young salvadoran duo of  interior and
furniture designers who met while studying
Interior Architecture at Escuela de
Arquitectura in El Salvador. We founded
Medio Limón (en. half a lemon) to squeeze
our creativity, add a whimsical touch and
become the complement for our client’s
residential, commercial and furniture
design projects, to make them feel
they’ve found their other half!

Javier Figueroa & Karla Pimentel


We are a couple of Salvadoran designers whose relationship is based on friendship and the commitment that we assume as future representatives of design in our country. We met as classmates in the university and our friendship grew strong as a result of treating each other on a daily basis, eventually we decided to take the opportunity of working together and that’s when the magic happened. The love for design and the attention we pay to every detail allows our minds to work as one and makes the whole designing experience a process that happens as natural as breathing.

La Señora



We are designmakers from El salvador.We love surface design and life. La Señora are Adriana Hayem and Oscar Velásquez, two friends, partners and designers: strategic designer and graphic designer. We are together since May 2012. We are source of surface design for the everyday life.

ON estudio creativo



We’re a young creative team specialized in graphic design, advertising and strategic marketing. Our work flow is versatile and multitasked, we adapt our capabilities into different communication needs, ruled by one simple thought: to create functionability through creativity. With 7 years of experience, we’ve managed to expand our work portfolio applying our knowledge in disciplines, such as: branding, visual merchandising, editorial design, social media, BTL & more. Ultimately, we believe in the power to connect people, creating unique experiences through design.

Natalia Letona

Screen shot 2013-11-25 at 8.52.49 AM


I am Natalia Letona, a 24 year old graphic design student. I can’t imagine my days without  music and colors; I feel them inside of me and that’s what I express through my characters. I love drawing “tea time” situations and including music references in my graphics.

Valerie Barahona

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 7.02.20 PM
Valerie ilustración

Valerie Adrianne Barahona is 24 years old.
She’s an illustrator, avid reader, cat lover and melomaniac who believes her creations stimulate emotional connections and arouse curiosities.

Gabriel Granadino


Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 6.34.09 PM

I’m an Artist, I first studied Graphic Design in El Salvador and then I went to study Children’s Illustration in Barcelona. I love painting jungles and forests and the magical and bizarre creatures that live in them. Besides my paintings and illustrations I’m starting to work on surface design.


"Mountains” illustration by Apata

“Mountains” illustration by Apata


We are Adriana Funes and Gerardo Flores, a young couple of graphic designers and silk screen printers founders of apata (colloquial way to say handmade), a silk screen workshop specialised in high quality designer products. apata was born in 2010 with the goal of creating unique and exclusive products, above all, made by our bare hands.

Throughout our history we have been part of several projects focused on the empowerment of graphic design in El Salvador, such as “Artilugio”, MARTE museum of El Salvador initiative, “Amalgama”, a graphic designers’ collective focused on giving graphic alternatives to social problems and by now collaborating with The Carrot Concept.

Manuel Panameño



“Musanina” and “Summer Winter” illustration by Manuel Panameño

Manuel Panameño. is a 25 years old Salvadoran, 7 years dedicated to graphic creative development, discovering every day new skills to imprint his ideas been “à la carte” designer, selling his own graphics on prints, going from illustrations, surface design to typo design, has worked as art director in advertising productions.

1st Place Winner of “Surface Design” category in CONTEMPO the Biennial at the Museum of Art of El Salvador “MARTE”, and currently working as creative at APEX BBDO agency, doing multinational brands in web applications and social media area.

Emma Schonenberg





Emma Schonenberg learned to love crafts and art in general thanks to her personal ceramic classes her mother’s shop provided when she was growing up. She majored in Graphic Design at a local college and before receiving her degree she started pursuing a design career with Salvadoran advertising and apparel companies. The job that helped change her life was a local candle manufacturer/exporter where she worked for 6 years as head of the design and product development department. Her unique and trend driven designer collections were distributed through major retail chains in both the United States and Europe.

During one of her many trips to the United States, Emma came across the show SURTEX in New York and found there was another unexplored area a Salvadoran Graphic Designer could do: Surface Design!

She currently works in her own design studio in El Salvador and travels back and forward to trade shows in the United States. She has participated in Brand Licensing Europe, Surtex and at Printsource five years in a row now. Her clients range from party supply manufacturers, high-end apparel, textile, stationery and scrapbook, among other products.